About Us

Marine Sphere was founded in June 2018. We are focusing on the aquaculture industry which is the growth business — connecting technology and innovation from a global perspective to a breakthrough in the blockage of the use of marine resources. We believe in solving global problems and contributing to the realization of the value of the maritime digital frontier which is the foundation of new prosperity.

Marine Sphere Co., Ltd.
Founder and CEO
Mitsuhiro Terada

Born in 1961.

1986 B.A. in Law, Chuo University

Mitsuhiro started his career for his company “Corvette, Inc.” provided logistics system consulting service after graduated. He joined Dun and Bradstreet,(USA), software division to manage the development accounting package software “SuperStream.” Later, he worked for 22 years after joining SAP(Germany) in 1996. He was a developer of application global deployment and implementation methodologies and has also designed the value of business process transformation broad-ranging industries (discrete manufacturing, consumer products, electricity and communications, property insurance, international trading companies, etc.) He practiced sales activities for global customers and worked as an expert in project management, business consulting, and system architecture/landscape, etc. He provided many recommendations on industrial innovation, as a promotion committee of IoT Acceleration Lab, the Japanese government. In 2018, he left SAP and started Marine Sphere Co., Ltd.