Marine Sphere Services

Longtime marine fishery technology and experience with a global perspective on technology and innovation are associated with the use of marine resources. Create a breakthrough stalemate situation.

Consulting Service and IT

Application and Technology

Parametric Aquaculture

Marine Sphere will encapsulate the aquaculture environment and simplifies the complex operation of the aquaculture industry by blocking the impact of the external environment. Operation data utilizing the growing environment and growth situation, and know-how obtained there like switching of feeding food according to the growing environment, location, and expertise secured, is sensed and immediately used for the optimization of operations through the algorithm correction.
These data will parameterize for each fish species. It is possible to reproduce and transfer the cultivation of aquatic process in the future. The work order becomes more accurate and more comfortable and increases the workforce alternative. Ease of securing employment and working environment will be improved. Furthermore, using parameters will minimize the risk of switching farmed fish species. If it changes according to the forecast of the market conditions, it will significantly contribute to the stability of the market.

Production Funding Network

Production funding network is the open network that connects potential investors and manufacturing sites through crowdfunding. Funding is for OPEX (typically for maintenance and replacement of production facilities, procurement of raw materials, materials, labor costs) for businesses that want to change the way of the industry by supplying high value-added products to the market. We aim to collect business operation funds smoothly. Investment risk is minimized by dynamically disclosing information such as business operators’ experiences and results of operation, profitability forecasts, characteristics of the business environment, and facility characteristics over the current, past, and future. On the other hand, businesses can focus on activities that utilize their strengths by gaining broad support from supporters who can truly understand the characteristics of the industry and the advantages of the company.

Value Management Services

Digitization using ICT is in progress in all industries, not limited to the fishery industry. We may say that it is challenging to catch up with the rapid technological innovation of the latest information communication technology. Utilized business applications for fostering and training of the technology and experience of the organization that supports the enterprise information system. Credible players in the ICT industry are also changing the way of implementation of their solution. From the viewpoint of the user company, Marine Sphere’s Value Management Service offers business values and the benefits obtained by solving those issues, risks related to successful ICT implementation projects, and risk in business operation after implementation. We will make the project successful through activities such as clarifying and guiding the appropriate vendor selection and the optimal implementation process to realize these.

Universal Work Logger (UWL)

Julius Caesar said, “People will see only what they want to see.” As long as the information system is a tool for humans, it was only an extension. Marine Sphere’s Universal Work Logger liberates humans from these constraints and the hassle of typing. Marine Sphere’s cloud-based data structure is not only for human but also utilizing the data from Robots and devices as well. It includes all business decisions, transactions, personal reporting, action, environmental information, equipment, etc. UWL will record these data automatically, and it can be used in a wide range of fields typically for business improvement, safety certification, R&D to store and leverage data.