Privacy Policy

1. Basic policy
Marine Sphere Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Marine Sphere”). Recognizing the importance of personal data and protecting personal data is considered to be a social responsibility, and Marine Sphere will comply with laws and regulations concerning personal data, etc., and adequately acquire, use and manage personal data handled by Marine Sphere.

In accordance with this privacy policy and management system, Marine Sphere complies with Japan laws, regulations, guidelines, and other norms concerning the handling of personal information. Marine Sphere will take measures to prevent customers from exceeding the scope of their consent and strive to ensure the proper handling and safety management of personal information, and respond to the trust of our customers. Marine Sphere will take steps to make this privacy policy known to our employees.

2. Scope of application
This privacy policy is a policy that Marine Sphere complies with when handling the personal information or equivalent information of the customer in the various services that Marine Sphere does.

3. Acquisition of personal data and the purpose of use
Except in the case where Marine Sphere has obtained the consent of the individual in advance or has been approved by law, Marine Sphere will only handle personal data within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use specified beforehand and take measures to do so.
“Personal Data” means any information relating to you. Marine Sphere will only collect your personal data on this website for one reason:

  • First and last name, Email address, contact.
    Marine Sphere collects personal data to have you fill in the inquiry form on this website and to realize the cloud service that Marine Sphere provides.
  • Location information and status of equipment performance and logistics
    Marine Sphere collects it to realize the cloud service that Marine Sphere provides.

In addition, Marine Sphere will use the information provided by the customer for the universal work logger, production funding network, and parametric aquaculture service provided by Marine Sphere within the scope of the following purposes. Marine sphere does not collect information or use it outside the purpose without your consent.
When acquiring personal data, Marine Sphere will endeavor to obtain the consent of the individual by specifying the necessary information such as items of personal data to be handled beforehand, the purpose of use, and contact point. If personal data includes personal information, such as race and creed, Marine Sphere will not obtain personal information without obtaining the consent of the person concerned, except as permitted by law. Marine Sphere will comply with the case where personal data is obtained from a third party, and the obligation to confirm the confirmation and the record creation obligation when receiving a third party provision is generated by law.

The following is an example of the purpose of use:

  • To provide universal work logger services utilizing data from sensors, such as equipment utilization, power consumption visualization, and monitoring.
  • For the research and development for the provision of the service and the function extension
  • For the delivery and sending of correspondence, mail magazine, DM, various announcements, etc. accompanying the use of this service
  • To provide personal data to companies using the service, affiliated companies, organizations, etc. based on the customer’s consent and application
  • For the improvement of the service and the development and marketing of new services
  • To conduct campaigns, questionnaires, monitors, interviews, etc.
  • To confirm and answer your comments and inquiries about the service
  • To investigate acts prohibited by the terms of use, etc.

4. Management of personal data
Marine Sphere will thoroughly manage the information provided by our customers in the following:
(1) Ensuring the accuracy of information
Marine Sphere will always strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information about your information.
(2) Safety management measures
Regarding the management of organized personal data, Marine Sphere stipulates the strict handling method according to Marine Sphere regulations and is through the handling based on it.
(3) Supervision of employees
In accordance with Marine Sphere’s regulations, Marine Sphere strictly operates strict rules on the handling of personal data.
(4) Supervision of contractors
When the handling of personal data is entrusted to the outside, it is entrusted only to the contractor who satisfies the business according to Marine Sphere’s regulations, and the appropriate management is to proceed.
(5) Retention period and disposal
For information provided by the customer, Marine Sphere set the retention period and discard it after the retention period ends. In addition, even within the retention period, if it becomes unnecessary, it is discarded promptly.

5. Availability of third parties
Marine Sphere does not provide personal data provided by customers to third parties. In addition, in the event that a third party is to be offered, the information provided and the purpose of the offer will be presented to the third party only when has obtained the customer consent.
In addition, Marine Sphere may entrust personal data to other business operators within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use.

6. Disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc. of personal data
If there is a request for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc., Marine Sphere will respond based on the prescribed method. For the specific method, Marine Sphere will guide you individually, so please contact us at the contact point below.

7. Contact information
For the handling of this service or personal data, please contact the following office by phone or email.
Personal Data Protection Division, Marine Sphere Co., Ltd.
Tel: +81 045-324-8052
Email Address:

8. Revisions
01/05/2019 (First Edition)