Marine Sphere Products

Society in the ocean and land will continue to change by digitization. Marin Sphere proposes key-devices to take advantage of the waves of change and obtain immediate benefits.


Universal Work Logger Data Transmitter

  • Improve profitability, mitigate risk, recover with growth business opportunities
  • Proof of safety
  • Accountability without deficiency

Converted into a common structure and recorded data make it easy to connect data. Digitized records are connected with keys such as time, place, subject, object, etc. to enhance the comprehensiveness of the whole picture. To prove safety and accountability, we had to rely on sample extraction due to the state of control technology. Sensors and digital technology have made it a step closer to the ideal of complete inspection and single item management.

These will lead a significant change in production processes such as procurement, manufacturing, quality control processes, agricultural work, fishery, and distribution processes such as inspection, shipping, transportation, inspection, delivery, etc. Monitoring lifestyles/work environments such as diet, sleep, exercise, conversation, other activities, and, stress, etc. By recording the operation and use of equipment, health management and equipment has come to be able to detect the time of occurrence of risk factors and to take measures at an appropriate timing, regardless of regular inspections. Besides, acquiring such real-time data will change the way of replenishing of ordering products and supplies, raw materials, and consumables.

Product Specification

  • Compatible with multiple sensor connections
  • Data communication by Wi-Fi
  • Compact and highly durable and waterproof and anti-magnetic
  • Logging data can be edited and customized item layout
  • Unique identification (ID) to define logger
  • Battery-powered (charging mechanism, Energy Harvesting plans for the future)

UWL Data Transmitter of business and technology development strategies

Selling new equipment is not just a business opportunity for Digitization

In 2011

When the vision of Industry 4.0 was announced at the Hannover Messe, Germany in 2001, many manufacturers were keen to capture revenue sources from sales of digital compatible devices, and have all introduced new products with digital interfaces.


European machines don’t have digital interfaces or are running on older systems. These make it very difficult to move to a new digitizing business model.

Marine Sphere’s willing to be a key enabler to drive the digital economy focusing on the silent majority.