Consulting Service and IT

Strategic Business Consulting Service

“Thus do many calculations lead to victory, and few calculations to defeat” – Sun Tzu
Business success doesn’t happen in an accident. A key component of business planning involves the development in measure and implementation step of corresponding strategies. The key to a successful strategic plan is to build in measures and implementation steps that allow our client to engage their team and evaluate the results at any time.

Marine Sphere has the expertise and insights of business process management techniques across many industries from our experiences over the years. We will not only discover potential issues but will also help find the right approach to resolve the problems with the latest technologies and supported by stakeholders. Based on these, our partnership with our customers helps Marine Sphere create innovative strategic plans that are effective for business success.

  • Company, business area, and strategy
  • Market analysis and competition analysis
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • System analysis across cyber/physical
  • Market research and benchmarks on technology and business
  • Innovation management
  • Evaluation on management process technology of company and business unit
  • Process optimization and efficiency improvement
  • Enterprise architecture design
  • Business process change management