Consulting Service and IT

Industry-specific IT Solutions

To survive and grow in a globalized economy, companies need to challenge the realization of harmonious operation between bases in line with the business environment of each site and business partner in each country and the local industry standard. Marine Sphere proposes the management technology that should be done to optimally guide the life cycle of the essential management resources to deal with these.

In a turbulent global society, the laws and industry standards of each country are changing dynamically. It is impossible for only one company to accurately grasp and respond to such changes. Ongoing dialogue with local authorities and critical communities is essential. Marin Sphere works closely with software vendors who incorporate such dialogues into the system development process to suggest potential issues and their solutions to customers.

  • Continual dialogue with local authorities, opinion leaders and leading communities in the industry
  • Close collaboration with software vendors with industry-specific practices
  • Investigation and analysis of solutions for each country’s legal system and industry
  • Verification with existing processes and systems
  • Development plan of transformational realization and promotion of the project